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Where creativity and design meet utility and function

Look at the environments of healthcare facilities these days. They have become flexible with multi-diverse functionality. 

This new design direction dictates the style of the furniture for welcome areas, reception areas, lounges, cafes, etc.  HFI is able to accommodate these new spaces with quality, durable, and fair-priced custom furniture that meets this new standard.

Using antimicrobial vinyls, solid surfaces, and laminates, will not only add style to your space, but keep your institutions safer.


Great advancements have been made in antimicrobial surface technology that can help reduce exposure to dangerous microorganisms mainly in healthcare facilities.

When you think of the many surfaces that are touched by both patients and staff, you can image the health risks as they become breading grounds for transferring many contagions which can cause disease.  However, antimicrobial-treated surfaces, such as the many products HFI can supply, can suppress the growth of microorganisms and limit the transmission of harmful microbes. This helps reduce patient and staff exposure to various bacteria and viruses, thereby lowering the risk of spreading infections.

Antimicrobial surface technology is available for many of the components we use to manufacture your products.  For example, there are antimicrobial, biocidal, and chemical-resistant textiles, such as vinyls and fabrics.  EOS solid surface also uses such technology.  Many of laminates we use are also now manufactured with these same surface technologies. 

Please contact us and we can inform you about the availability of antimicrobial products which can work for your institution.

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